I drew my mom and dad. 🙂 I love them.

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Cuddling – what more could you ask for?

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Napkin Art

It’s been just the two of us in the house during the days since school ended for the summer, (my son, Maya’s brother, is in Japan for two weeks, very lucky teen indeed.) We were so overjoyed that rushed school life is giving us a break that we did not leave the house the whole entire week. We were perfectly happy, being all grungy and responsibility-less. Just yesterday, finally, we came out of the cave. Nothing fancy, just a nice day out, having breakfast together, getting some shopping done, visiting Borders, that kind of thing. So here we are having breakfast at the Cafe. Maya drew me not very happy, probably because I wished to have her yummy breakfast which was what they call an Eggal (Bagel & egg) instead of my boring oatmeal. Funny how I drew Maya here looking like an adult, and how Maya drew me like a child…Do you do napkin art?

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J & Q

My favorite original character that I draw is named Jayson – and he is the one at the top, hugging the lower character. His name is Quentin, but he is not my character. He is someone on deviantART’s character, and I think they go well together so I drew this picture with the both of them.

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Meet Hiro. He’s an original character of mine that I draw often. Now, I drew a picture of him and left it up to my mom to decorate him with whatever materials she wanted. This is the before and after picture of Hiro.

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Bridging The Gap

What is ‘bridging the gap?’ It means the connection of two ideas that are very different. That’s what “It’s About MOI” is all about. My mom and my art styles are two very unique things compared to each other, but in this blog we will be connecting further in artful collaborations, as well as our doodles and sketches. We will allow ourselves to be free, to be imperfect in our art, to not compare to one another. This blog will help us creatively connect. For our first art piece, we both started out with the same two spots of paint on a piece of paper. From there we decided to somehow show how
we ‘bridge the gap’ ourselves.

Making art with my Maya means the world to me. It also means that I no longer need to connect to my inner child in order to retrieve my impulsive creative self. All I need to do is connect to my child.

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