Bridging The Gap

What is ‘bridging the gap?’ It means the connection of two ideas that are very different. That’s what “It’s About MOI” is all about. My mom and my art styles are two very unique things compared to each other, but in this blog we will be connecting further in artful collaborations, as well as our doodles and sketches. We will allow ourselves to be free, to be imperfect in our art, to not compare to one another. This blog will help us creatively connect. For our first art piece, we both started out with the same two spots of paint on a piece of paper. From there we decided to somehow show how
we ‘bridge the gap’ ourselves.

Making art with my Maya means the world to me. It also means that I no longer need to connect to my inner child in order to retrieve my impulsive creative self. All I need to do is connect to my child.


About Orly

I truly believe that the need to be witnessed by the self and by others is a human core need to be fulfilled by the act of creating. Therefore, a compelling part of my journey is the teaching of art making and visual journaling. As a young adult in Israel, I had studied Fine Arts in an artists’ village nestled at the foot of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and later, in the Netherlands, Graphic Design at the University of Arts in the contemporary yet history-drenched city of Utrecht. Now living by the beach of Southern California with my family, I take in all the magnificence of the landscapes that shaped me and of the visual languages I have acquired along the way. I am passionate about the process of marrying multiple media to create a unique visual experience for both the eye and the spirit. I have never experienced a thing in my life without being influenced by its look. I am an avid collector of words, memories, sights, colorful people, experiences and more. I come here to play in my exciting bloground. Here I can be who I am, and get clarity of who I’d like to become. It’s a place where spontaneous events occur. I am here to express the inexhaustible mine of mine of inner and outer landscapes, languages, cultures, and of personal and close to heart matters. I hope that each entry, each spread, consisting of two corresponding pages, will provide you with visual excitement, inspiration, and even amusement—creating an ongoing gallery for you and me to enjoy. Thank you for all the wondrous feedback you provide me with, I see my blog as an opportunity to connect and interconnect with the worlds around me and therefore your collaboration with me is very much appreciated.
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8 Responses to Bridging The Gap

  1. Donna says:

    a lovely beginning to your combined imaginative adventure – I will look forward to visiting often! And fabulous new doo Maya!

  2. pamcarriker says:

    Awesome! You two will have lots of fun on your new adventures:-)

  3. OH! This is such a brilliant idea! Such an opportunity for the two of you…and for all of us. I am honored to witness it at the beginning…and I will relish the journey by your side. I wonder if I can get my cat Mooki to journal with me…. 🙂 xoxoxo Arlene

  4. Cathy says:

    what a wonderful idea! I really like what is created between the two of you. My daughter and I have always done this while sitting in restaurants and drawing on the placemats or napkins…how nice to see it at a whole new level!

  5. carlasonheim says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.


  6. This blog freakin’ rocks! It is so cool! And graphic, and simple, and funky and stylish and awesome! Plus, I have to admit it made me feel all mushy and kind of teary. You two “bridging the gap” is pretty beautiful.

  7. dorit says:

    what a sweet idea! This will be a fun blog to follow! 2 artists at the same place. Art is THE thing to bring generations together.

  8. kelly says:

    I love love love this!! What a marvelous pairing…I can only dream about this with my daughter, but who knows…perhaps someday! As we well know, dreams do come true. I look forward to following you lovely gals here.

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